About Me


My name is Kiran. I love philosophy!

I earned a Master’s Degree in Philosophy (with a focus on Existentialism and Aristotelian Ethics) from Ryerson University.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Humanities from York University. 

A certificate in Applied Ethics from the department of Humanities at York University.

Most recently, I achieved my certification in Logic Based-Therapy from the Logic-Based Therapy & Consultation Institute which allows me to practice LBT to help people lead a more happier life.

Being both fluent in English and Punjabi, I can conduct my sessions in any of two languages comfortably. 

With over 10 years of experience in working in the financial sector, I have training and expertise in personal finances and have a keen interest in financial literacy. I love traveling and exploring new places and one day hope to pursue a Ph.D in Philosophy. My goal in life is to help people lead a happy, authentic and fulfilling life through the wisdom of Philosophy.