What is Logic Based Therapy?

What is Logic Based Therapy?

Logic Based Therapy is a short-term philosophy-based consultation that seeks to help identify all the ways in which clients emotionally and behaviourally upset themselves. Short term help consist of one or three hour long sessions. LBT is premised upon the idea that it is not the events that happen in people’s lives that cause people to be unhappy but rather a set of beliefs that people hold in conjunction with the events that cause self-defeating emotional consequences.

An increasingly number of people are unhappy, upset and frustrated in their lives. They disturb themselves both emotionally and behaviorally in their everyday lives because they do not make sound rational decisions. Instead they make decisions based on faulty logic combined with a self defeating belief system that when utilized would naturally cause self defeating emotions and behavior and therefore upset people. This has an impact on their personal and professional life, their relationships with their friends and family.

Logic Based Therapy consultations seek to help clients identify and refute the irrational assumptions upon which they are reasoning that are causing them stress and unhappiness.